Noodle News!

The new noodle lives on. My predecessor has mysteriously disappeared.

Some say he was fired others that he got lost in the wardrobe and is even now asking the witch if she has any cheeses. I think that he's locked in my cupboard with 'Free cheese and FF' written on the door but I wouldn't know anything about that. Anywhoo, I've taken the job as I've been promised political powers in exchange for keeping the dust clear of this page. This is just a quick place holder until I think about what I'm doing but expect thoughts on new games, looks at future games and (because I'm too poor to buy new ones) there'll be retro stuff from my ten years of gaming. That makes me the baby :P I'll also answer questions to make the scary people stop following me.

I'll even try to make them coherent. Don't be shy, ask anything. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to hide this key