Noodle News!

Yawwwn. First haircut in years. It's been so long since the last one that it had to be mentioned, really. I feel robbed and slightly traumatized. Now, onward!

San Andreas will be released any day now, possibly one of the biggest games to hit the PS2 and to be squeezed on a single disc. Three cities and the surrounding country? How do they do it? Is the devil or some sort of madness involved? Will I talk about it? Hell no. I'm the boss here, I say so.

What's got me buzzing is those juicy looks at the next Devil May Cry. The original completely re-wrote the rules on 3rd person action. Some even called it survival-action considering the strength of some enemies, especially on the higher difficulty settings. Dante was one super cool super human but he was fighting against the legions of hell, and these legions took a little more than a double barreled shotgun to the face to sort out mr Romero (y'know I used to have hair as long as him?), some of the buggers didn't even have faces. I'm looking at you nightmare, damn homicidal oil slick. Coolness was one factor that DMC had in spades, taking out the demons in continuous and stylish combos wasn't just available to the die-hard player but was positively encouraged through the little prompt at the top of the screen. Awesome indeed. Taking out an entire room of enemies without taking a scratch was one of those moments that pro players could enjoy knowing that it had taken true skill to achieve. The game was perfectly balanced, each incoming attack had just enough warning to allow you to summersault out of the way such as the twirling of a marionette's weapon or the taunting of Nelo Angelo. You've obviously noticed that I'm pretty passionate about the first DMC and yes, I did spend eleven months trying to finish Dante Must Die mode. It was worth it.

Lets take a look at the new trailers. First of all it's a younger Dante that's playable this time, gone is the aging two-face wannabe of DMC2 and thank heaven for that. DMC2 is an overweight elderly relative compared to the youngster we have here, flipping about like a pixie Yoda on acid is very much in style today. Using hell-spawn as a temporary surfboard is also funky. It seems that we have a plot this time, being a prequel DMC3 deals with Dante coming to terms with his demonic heritage and also with his dark past involving his brother that was hinted at in the first game. Anyone notice that Vigil looks just like the bonus Legendary Dark Knight character from DMC1? Thanks to Bigdog for pointing that out to me. There's also the appearence of a Black Joker demon, a unnamed man attempting to open a whole Pandora's box of demon doo-hickorey and a mysterious female demon hunter that seems to be very involved with Dante later on in the game. It's also debated as to what weapons she is using and what her history is. Just what is she saying in the trailer? My father was a Blue crow? A demon? A democrat? She's definitely been seen using handguns, grenades and a bad ass missile-launcher. It's also possible that she has the Sparda sword slung across her back although it might be the missile-launcher with a bayonet (read battle-ax) tied to it.

Combat wise we have only seen two ranged weapons, the dual handguns Ebony and Ivory along with the classic shotgun but there's a lot more devil arms then the previous games. So far there's the classic big sword, twin swords, tri-gun-chucks and a rock n roll axe. Whether the later will be swung into demons like The Who or will be played until their brains implode like Busted is currently unknown and the debate rages on. Dante has four styles of bad ass ghost-busting at his disposal. These are one for swordsmen, one for the trigger happy, one for the acrobatic and one for the psychotic 'weapons are for sissies' lunatics. If handguns are cooler then rocket launchers then hand to hand is best of all. All four styles grow as they're used and can be mixed and matched to cater for all tastes. There might also be some old favorites among the demons returning for this game, so far only sin scythes have been seen in the trailers but I'm hoping for shadows to come back :P

I hate to sound like I'm judging a game so early so soon but DMC3 looks like it's gonna revive the energy of the original bigger, louder and cooler.